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The Ferry Weather Web Page provides access to a number of
resources for determining the weather conditions over the inland
waters of western Washington. The key display gives the surface
winds from both Washington State ferries and other observing
locations. Wind direction is shown by the arrows and the wind speeds
(in knots) are indicated by the numbers near the base of the arrows.
A knot is slightly more than a mile per hour (1 knot = 1.15 mph).
The wind displays generally show the winds observed over a one-hour
period starting the time display at the top of the map. To insure
legibility, not every ferry observation is shown.
The largest domain is called "Western Washington" and is shown
when you first enter the site. You can select a smaller area in two
ways: click on one of the red boxes or select a region by clicking
on a link in the left side of the page.